Chalisa Collection App Launch

Nov. 23, 2017

No matter, where you are, God Is Everywhere with you. You should also keep up to prayers and always remember him in every phase of your life. Time is very important in today's era, everyone is running in a race. And sometimes you rush in a hurry without chanting your morning prayers.

Prayers have it's own importance in our culture. Now, you can complete your prayers anytime, even being away from your home. You don't have to stop yourself from praying just because you are not available with your praying books. Our site present to you a place where you can get all your prayers or chalisa ready to read, listen or download for free.

You can now download app:

All from one site. Now you can complete your prayers even when you are not at home. We value ethics, religion and your faith in almighty. So do not worry connect to your God even when you are not available with your chalisa in form of books. Begin with your prayers anytime, anywhere with our easy to download Chalisa options.
Because God Is Everywhere, so you can connect to him from any corner of the world.

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