Hammer Infotech Wishes You A Happy And Healthy Diwali

Oct 19, 2017

Diwali or ‘Deepawali’ the festival of light. The festival of happiness. A festival to express your joy and spread smiles all around you. The festival celebrated by all Indians, irrespective of any discrimination based on caste and religion. The festival of unity.

Hammer Infotech wishes you a Diwali full of enjoyment and safety. Be happy and celebrate, keeping in mind betterment of society, nation and your future generation.

Hammer Infotech spreads a goodwill to celebrate diwali that lights lamp in a poor man's home instead of wasting electricity in form of huge series outside your home. Plant trees to absorb pollution, say no to noise and air pollution spreading with crackers. Share your time, money and sweets with under privileged ones in orphanage, elder homes, blind homes or with anyone who is in need.

Plan a Diwali following old traditions, yet portraying modern times towards a better world. Let’s join hands together and light lamps to make this world a better place to live in.

Once Again HAMMER INFOTECH wishes you a Diwali full of health, wealth and prosperity.

“Light The Lamps Of Equality, Burn The Evils In Society, Avoid Pollution And Spread Chastity, Make This A Slogan For Diwali Joviality.”

Hammer Infotech

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